I started this business so professionals could create a sustainable and rock solid online business that's not dependent on ads or cold calling.

Our Vision

So you’ve done this: 

  • Spent tons of time creating and launching an offer or course and it didn’t sell
  • Worse, it took you ages to figure out all the tech
  • Spent a bunch of money for Facebook Ads because that’s what someone told you to do
  • Posted daily on social media and nothing happened
  • Bought the umptienth online course and didn’t follow through with it
  • Followed through with a program, but it didn’t work
  • Believed in all the “You can make 6 figures online in one year!” and wondered why it didn’t work for you
  • And you feel totally overwhelmed

You’re in the right place. I’m working to make sure your business and product launches go smoothly and create the right strategy so you don’t have to figure out all the details to make it work. More time for you.

I’m working with my clients in two different paths – some want the work done for them, others want to learn how to do it themselves. What you need is what we will figure out in a  free call. 

My Backstory

I have done different things since graduating from university, being a tax consultant and auditor to IT consultant, scuba diving instructor, and copywriter. 

I am of German heritage and English feels like my second native tongue. What’s also important to me is honesty. Marketing has such a bad rap and there are too many out there who make false promises. There are ways to market your business and your product with heart, integrity, honesty and still be successful.

I saw how many business owners were struggling to building a sustainable online business without losing their mind in the process and shifted my focus to this topic.

I have been working in the marketing space since 2017 and have helped numerous online business owners launch their products and courses, developed marketing strategies, and helped them make 6 figures in their business. My focus is on long-lasting and sustainable strategies. 

I am a certified marketer, specialized in offer creation, copywriting and design.

If you’re ready to move forward and start developing the right strategy for you, book a free 15 minute discovery call and decide together what you need for your business.